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“I came to this care after having a very stressful few years which left me constantly exhausted.  Additionally, I developed irritable bowel syndrome and had very difficult periods after my second child.  Within a week or two of care, the irritable bowel completely cleared up.  The second month, I had the easiest period I can remember having.  I had been so tired that it was difficult to participate in the exercise I love.  I had a lot of aches and pains.  This turned around very quickly and I felt like myself again.  I also sleep more deeply since starting care.  Other results include being able to laugh again and feeling generally much lighter and more fluid in my responses to my environment.”

- Susan-Jane

“After four months, my blood pressure is considerably lower both at home and at the doctor’s office than it has been for many years. It took a while to gradually come down and it does still bounce around a bit, but it has not gone above normal for a while. I am not only so pleased with the result, but am particularly glad that it has been achieved by means of my body correcting itself. These results seem so much more positive because they arose from removing obstacles from the full functioning of the nervous system and so they hopefully arise both naturally and continuously. I am also glad to be eligible to give blood again after many years.”

- Helen

“Aaron has gone from having several seizures a day to having one or two a week! I’m so pleased with his progress.”

- Aaron, as noted by his mom

Oakland CA Chiropractic Clinic

It's a good thing that you've come to us in your search for a Oakland chiropractic center. Getting treated by a Oakland, CA, chiropractic clinic will provide you with great results and get you feeling better fast. Once you arrive, you know that our Oakland chiropractic clinic is home to premiere wellness care. Why wait? Call our Oakland, California, chiropractic clinic and speak with our staff to schedule an appointment. We're convinced we can prove to you that our Oakland chiropractic facility is the right place for you.

You may be wondering what you first appointment at our Oakland chiropractic center will be like. Your visit to our Oakland chiropractic clinic will begin with you filling out some necessary forms about your condition, previous visits to the doctor, insurance provider, and other critical information. Upon completion of the required paperwork at the Oakland, CA, chiropractic clinic, the doctor will provide your first exam so that we can properly diagnose your condition. After the doctor makes a proper diagnosis, you can begin your treatment plan at our Oakland chiropractic facility right away.

Once your treatment plan has been determined, we will schedule regular visits to our Oakland chiropractic center. We make it our priority at the Oakland, CA, chiropractic clinic to work with each patient as they make progress in their health and wellness. We believe that if you keep working with our Oakland chiropractic offices throughout your treatment, you will see great results. And of course, if you have any questions at all throughout your treatment, our Oakland, CA, chiropractic clinic team will be here to answer any questions.

Our Oakland chiropractic center still has further plans for you and your health goals after you're done recovering. Our staff at the Oakland, CA, chiropractic clinic want to look at your eating habits, exercise patterns and lifestyle decisions and to improve them all so that you remain healthy. We want to you to have many years of great health, and our Oakland chiropractic facility will stay focused long after you are healed. Furthermore, we would of course love the opportunity to treat your family at our Oakland chiropractic center, so invite them in and let's make it a family affair!

We appreciate your interest in our Oakland chiropractic center and we look forward to seeing you at your first appointment. Book your initial consultation with our chiropractor soon!

(510) 986-4693