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Our Oakland chiropractors have had the reputation of being excellent care providers. Our Oakland chiropractor genuinely takes delight in fulfilling the needs of the community with superior health care using only tried-and-tested safe, natural and non-surgical therapies to assuage pain and symptoms, and support optimum health. And because of that, all of the Oakland chiropractors make sure that family chiropractic care is special.

The basis is established on a comprehensive assessment of pain and discomfort. After a tremendous amount of research, the Oakland chiropractors have come up with the best chiropractic techniques for each patient's special needs. Every Oakland chiropractor also takes pride in diagnostic accuracy, and takes your health seriously!

To help people get back their normal health has been the life purpose for the Oakland chiropractors. The Oakland chiropractor wants to ultimately help you to regain (and maintain) long-term health and wellness, on top of relieving you of symptoms. Oakland chiropractors also want to build a connection between the effectiveness of chiropractic with your goal of ultimate health and wellness. Our services extend beyond just chiropractic as the Oakland chiropractor will also discuss diet, exercise, mental well-being, and more.

Each new patient is different, and we understand your needs are different. Our Oakland chirorpactor tailors the treatment plan specifically for each individual. You might want to book an appointment with one of the Oakland chiropractors or just know more about what chiropractic can do for you. The Oakland chiropractor is available to help you. Call now!

Welcome From Dr. Lauren Clum
Dr. Lauren Clum

The Specific Chiropractic Center helps children of all ages get well! We restore function to the master control system of the body, so are able to help with a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, high blood pressure, etc. Countless patients have told us that they have "tried...

The Beginnings and Progression of Chiropractic: The Principle for the Preparation of Chiropractors
The history of chiropractic care is long. The employment of spinal adjustments to reduce pain and care for the lower extremities was discussed in Greek and Chinese writings dating as far back as...
Things that Likely Cause Cervical Unease and Holistic Therapies that Will Alleviate Pain
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Diagnosing Subluxations of the Back Along with Being Aware Of Therapy Resources
According to chiropractic terminology, a "subluxation" is a dislocation of the vertebrae that hinders function. The chiropractor locates the spot in which to perform spinal adjustments as a result...
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